Some of our Industry Partners

DuPont™ Tyvek®  

DuPont Graphics for tags and labels. 
Tyvek® brand protective material is a family of tough, durable spunbonded olefin sheet products that are stronger than paper and more cost-effective and versatile than fabrics. Tyvek® has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than paper, absorbs little or no moisture, is strong and rip-resistant, and is made of environmentally responsible material. Both bright white and silky smooth, Tyvek® has a distinctive look and feel that enhances graphic images and instantly sets it apart from all other materials.
There are thousands of uses for tags and labels, and DuPont Graphics has a lightweight, durable solution for all of them—everything from tough, durable DuPont™ Tyvek® to smoother and brighter DuPont™ Tyvek Brillion®.
Some of the markets we use Tyvek for:

Wrist Bands-Secure, cannot be transferred from one person to another without damage, indicating tamper evidence. Lightweight, comfortable to wear, strong and durable, even when wet. Can be written on with pencil or pen, vibrantly printable for souvenir value.

Ski Tags-Strong and durable, even when grabbed to zip and unzip jackets,  water-resistant, for all-weather conditions. Flexible, even down to -100F, vibrantly printable for easy identification. Can be hole-punched without losing strength.

Nursery Tags-Strong and durable, remain on plant from nursery to retail. Weather-resistant, withstanding water and extreme temperatures—won't become brittle like PVC. Can be written on with pencil or pen, dot matrix and thermal transfer printable.

Law Labels-Can be sewn or glued on without losing strength, durable, resist rough handling. Tear and abrasion-resistant, protecting details and specifications.

Upholstery Labels-Can be sewn or glued on without losing strength, durable, resist rough handling. Long life, last as long as the item to which they are attached. Tear- and abrasion-resistant, protecting details and specifications. Aesthetically pleasing: soft to the touch, look and feel better than film tags.

Archive Labels-Excellent archival qualities—neutral PH, excellent rot and mildew resistance, durability without yellowing or deteriorating. Non-toxic and releases no gasses that might react with historical objects. Help prevent microclimates that might concentrate moisture or heat near artifacts. White, clean surface for clear identification and respect of artifacts' cultural significance. Printing survives exposure in archeological digs or under water in shipwreck artifacts.

Warning Labels-Able to be sewn into fabrics so they cannot be removed. Durable and fade resistant, able to withstand temperature extremes. Bright warning colors stay bright even after six seasons. Weather and water resistant even after folding and rolling.

Arrow Icon Fasson

Fasson Label Material- The vision to solve unusual problems. The confidence to meet new challenges. The ingenuity to turn new ideas into reality. It all begins when we work together.

"Together, we can" is our willingness to venture into unfamiliar territory with you. It's about working together to find new solutions and tackle tough problems.

For 50+ years, the men and women behind the Fasson brand have worked together to create a strong tradition of quality, service and innovation. From application consultant, to technical manager to research development technicians, we will continue to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Together we open the door to collaboration. Together we lead each other down the path of discovery. Together virtually anything is possible. When you need both innovation and partnership... ask us. Our answer will be the same every time. Together, we can do anything.
Arrow Icon UPM Raflatac
UPM Raflatac's labelstock products are designed to meet the needs of demanding applications in a vast array of end-uses. These include everything from personal and home care to applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Each product is designed to offer excellent printability, convertibility and durability in the latest labeling machinery.




Arrow Icon Mark Andy (Flexographic Printing Presses)  
Mark Andy Inc. is the world's number one manufacturer of narrow web printing equipment. With a rich history of delivering solutions to increase productivity and profitability for the label and packaging markets, the company manufactures leading global brands including Comco and Mark Andy printing and converting machinery, Rotoflex finishing solutions and UVT curing systems. Each product is supported by MAX, the most complete customer service and support organization in the narrow web industry. Global headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with sales and distribution offices worldwide.
Arrow Icon DNP Ribbons
DNP knows our customers depend on our quality products and impeccable service - which is why our chief goal is to deliver the industry's finest thermal transfer ribbons, every time. We offer a wide range of wax, wax/resin, and resin ribbon thermal transfer printer supplies - providing a variety of flexible ribbon options to meet any application need. Our lead times for custom orders are among the industry's fastest, and our resin ribbons are the best in the industry. We are committed to providing the right ribbons for the right applications.
Arrow Icon RotoMetrics (Rotary Dies)
RotoMetrics brings you more of the converting solutions you need with the local support and personal service you expect. Today, more than ever, you can count on our global reach, technology leadership plus local manufacturing and support to deliver innovative products to meet all your needs for rotary tooling.

No matter what the application — from pressure-sensitive labels and flexible packaging to converting advanced film substrates or nonwoven materials — at RotoMetrics, you'll find the highest-quality rotary dies and flexible dies, print cylinders and sleeves, anvils and rotary tooling, all competitively priced.
Arrow Icon International Paper  

International Paper offers a full line of unbleached filing products that includes Kraft, Red Wallet and Green Hanging for the file folder and office product applications. Our unbleached file folder paper is strong and durable to withstand the wear and tear of even the most demanding end uses.