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High quality flexo printer - custom process color-rolls or sheeted product up to 16” x 24”

   • Up to 16” webs and 8 colors – UV , laminating, numbering and
      over 1000 dies

   • Extensive finishing – die cutting, sheeting, rewind inspection
      and packaging

   • Providing industries finest raw materials and custom adhesives



DuPont™ Tyvek® Preferred Printer and Distributor

Converter – Featuring Tyvek® Tuff Tape™ & Gussetuff™
product lines

   • Flood printing up to 48” – 26 standard pattern colors bindery
      Tuff tapes™

   • Laminated expansion Gussetuff™ offering various Bristol and
      board backings

   • Slitting, rewinding, strips & sheets to order

TuffTape Colors



Distributor-Dupont™Tyvek®, Datamax Printers and DNP Media

   • Rolls and sheets of Tyvek® - various weights

   • Specializing thermal printer Tyvek® rolls and other film materials

   • High quality media that is built to last

   • Printers and software solutions