Law Labels

Requirements for manufacturing Law Labels require that the label you use on your product conforms to the various State requirements. Whether your law label is for a new product or a second hand product, we can help. With more than 40+ years servicing the Home Furnishing, Pillow, Comforter and related industries, Southern Label Company has the knowledge and experience to produce law labels to the highest standards of the industry.

Using DuPont’s™ Tyvek¨ material you receive a finished product unsurpassed in appearance and quality. Every Law Label Southern Label Company produces are packed in boxes with a sample label on the outside for easy storage and inventory control.

Whether you sell in the United States or Canada you can be sure that we know the laws and that the Law Labels are correct.

Helpful Links to get your Law Labels Certified

Legal Label helps manufacturers and importers navigate the confusing world of state and federal labeling requirements. They specialize in assisting companies to comply with the various regulatory requirements of selling bedding products, furniture pieces, and stuffed toys in the United States.

Law Label Services was formed to guide your manufacturing or importing company through the process of registering with the state agencies to sell stuffed goods in those states. The list of stuffed goods requiring registration includes pillows, stuffed toys, mattresses, upholstered furniture, quilts and more. The process of registration can be complex with each state having its own set of law label rules and regulations to follow. Law Label Services takes the worry and hassle away from you and simplifies the processes. Our goal is to “Keep It Simple”!

ABFLO was founded in 1936 and the name was changed to IABFLO in 2003. The association is made up of state officials who are responsible for the enforcement of consumer oriented bedding and furniture laws in their respective states.