Labels & Tags

Four Color Process Printing
Make Full Color Process Labels personalized with your design or logo. With four color process printing, custom Full Color Labels make a sharp statement as box labels, office labels, & business packaging labels. We offer a huge amount of specialty materials, including White Vinyl, Polyesters, Clear Acetate, Smudgeproof, Adhesive for Removable Labels, & more.

Manufacturing Labels

Pressure Sensitive Labels
The range of pressure sensitive "sticky" labels is as broad as your imagination. At Southern Label, we offer you our experience with inks, facestocks, adhesives and flexo printing.

Durable Tags
We offer a number of high-performance durable tags that offer unparalleled performance in demanding packaging, print media and other strength and specialty label applications in numerous industries worldwide.

Manufacturing Labels

Law and Care Labels
Over 40+ years of innovation and experience printing Tyvek® law and care labels for the bedding, home fashion, furniture, pillow and textile industries. From individual printed labels to plain, printed or perforated systems rolls produced using Tyvek®, and other durable materials. We mark every box, roll and carton to help you keep control of your inventory.

Thermal transfer rolls
blank, printed, or perforated

Southern Label Company offers over 40+ years of experience and a full array of

cost savings solutions for all of your manufacturing label applications.
Point Of Purchase
Branding is one of the most important roles your point of purchase label plays, and we work hard to make sure your brand is shown in the best light. Your label is also your avenue of communication to your customer.